Hollow Earth Expedition

Session 4

Follow the Nazi Leader

The characters follow the Nazi trail to a ruined city and ultimately to a large segmented Pyramid with a radio antenna affixed to the top.. There were 3 soldiers standing guard but 2 were fast asleep. Lawrence and Zack decided to sneak up the stairs while Art took careful aim and Mildred and Bota took cover. Lawrence attempted to sneak up on the lone awake guard but his attack was unsuccessful. Art shot true and blew the head off of Lawrence’s opponent, while Zack dove onto one of the sleeping guards and started to grapple with him. Art then unceremoniously dispatched the other 2 guards.

Entering the Pyramid, the team felt their way in the dark down to the 3rd level where the rest of the Nazi’s were interrogating the Professor on how to recharge their broken crystal.


JamesLaManna JamesLaManna

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