Mildred Stone

Archetype: Doctor/Nurse Motivation: Preservation


Mildred Stone, Frontier Nurse
Archetype: Doctor/Nurse
Motivation: Preservation

Body 2
Dex 3
Str 2
Cha 2
Int 4
Will 2

Size 0
Initiative 7
Move 5
Def 5
Perception 6
Stun 2
Health 4
Style 7 (as of 19 March 2014)

Medicine 4 + 4
Science (Biology) 2 + 4
Survival 3 + 4
Empathy 3 + 4
Athletics 3 + 2


Age/Birthdate: 37; July 31 1899
Height/Weight: 5’ 5”/140 lbs.

History: Born and raised in New York City to Eastern Europeans who changed their name from “Stein” to “Stone”, Mildred attended New York Medical College on scholarship and obtained a nursing degree. Unimpressed with the patronized and belittled status of nurses in city hospitals, she elected to join the Frontier Nursing Service with focus on primary care in rural Kentucky. As of 1936 she has been working with the FNS for 11 years.

Appearance: Mildred has a solid, zaftig build, with dark hair, prominent eyebrows and a serious demeanor. She maintains a strong, healthy physique, a habit she began during her college days on the ladies field hockey team. Mildred enjoys a healthy appetite and appreciation of food. She puts daily effort into maintaining a professional appearance. She wears a wedding ring but is stonily silent to any questions on that topic.

Personality: Mildred is very much a Type A personality: she believes in rationality, causality, and the power of hard work; things don’t “just happen”. She works hard to maintain her dignity as a skilled nurse and is very resentful of any word to the contrary. With appropriately respectful comrades she loosens up somewhat and can enjoy a dry joke or especially educated play on words.


Mildred Stone

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