Hollow Earth Expedition

Session 5

Into the Nazi Temple

The characters descend into the pyramid and confront the Nazis that are interrogating the Professor:

Commandant: “I vill ask you again; how do ve recharge ze crystal!?”
Professor: “I keep telling you, it’s broken. I cannot be recharged!”

The heroes charge in and fight the Nazis, free the professor but not before Commandant Von Dassow sets off the dynamite that was lining the temple! a Ma dash to escape ensues and the characters are close to the exit when…

Will our intrepid adventurers escape the Nazi Temple of DOOM?
Will the vile Commandant von Dassow be made to pay for his dastardly deeds?
Will our heroes find a way home from their EXPEDITION TO HOLLOW EARTH?



JamesLaManna JamesLaManna

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